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The Option School is an effort to facilitate financial literacy. We are a group of professionals from the best B-schools of India and have more than 12 years of experience in stock markets. We are actively involved in the Derivatives market since its introduction in Indian stock exchanges.

As an investor in stock markets , we have gone through the whole cycle of investments like anybody else starting from opening a Demat Account , applying in IPOS , investing in markets through brokers advice , investing after listening to popular channels , reading newspapers , taking advice from neighbours, colleagues , friends and relatives. All these various forms gives mixed results. at times we made small money and more often than not we lost huge amounts.

Nobody likes to lose money. When one loses money in stock markets, generally there are two reactions:-
1. I will never touch it again. It is gambling and nobody can make money out of it.
2. I will put in more money and recover my previous losses.

But since we are so used to investing with our own style , we end up losing money again even after second reaction till the time we reach  a conclusion of first reaction.

WE ALSO faced the same situation and then we decided to take charge and learn not only the trade but all the possible tricks of the trade. We formed our own group , gone through various fundamental, technical courses , read books, met investment gurus , did our own research and ultimately tested our learning in actual stock markets.

THE OPTION SCHOOL is the result of all the patience and learning that took place in years of commitment and drive to do something. Whatever we now teach to our clients in our workshop, is what we got to know after years of hard-work and dedication. Based on our hard-work , we have selected a very niche segment of OPTIONS trading only as we feel this is the best way a common man can safely make money again and again, month after month. We intend to change the way options trading in India is done by providing quality training to clients. Our main focus is on nifty options trading although all the other underlyings can also be traded with our methods.

We follow a philosophy which focuses on doing the right things rather than merely doing things right, we also believe that monetary rewards do not take precedence over an ethical approach to our work. As professionals we are committed to the highest standards in the financial services industry. We are dedicated to help our clients in achieving their financial goals through proper advice. With over a decade of rich and varied experience, a thorough knowledge of the markets, proficiency in risk management and innovative, focused research. We have specialized in NIFTY option strategies, as we strongly believe that working in Nifty options has much better returns on investment compared to stocks.
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